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Preguntas generales acerca de nuestra empresa, Políticas y Servicios

Preguntas frecuentes sobre SelfNET inc.

Is SelfNET a Reseller Of Another Company?

No - SelfNET inc. is a US based, privately owned company established in 1997.  We purchase, configure, host, operate and maintain our own servers and networks in Columbus and Dublin, Ohio - USA.

Do You Support International Domain Names?

Yes, it is possible to register ANY international domain names and use them with our servers. However, we may not be able to register certain domains for you. If you prefer to use a foreign extension on your SelfNET server, please consult with us before registering the domain name in your country.

Does SelfNET Host Adult Web Sites?

No we do not.  SelfNET doesn't allow adult material of any kind on their servers. Please see our Usage Policy for details.

What Server Hardware & Software Does SelfNET Use?

We only use the high availability enterprise-class IBM® and Dell® servers with fast SCSI and SATA RAID-5 disk arrays, dual multi-core Intel Xeon CPUs, ECC SDRAM, UPS and redundant fault-tolerant power supplies. Our servers run Microsoft Windows Server OS, IIS and .NET software with the latest service packs and security patches. We can also offer Linux / Unix / Ubuntu or any other OS to be loaded on your dedicated server.

What Is a "Virtual" Or "Shared" Web Server?

Virtual server host is a system in which a single computer handles multiple IP addresses, domain names and web sites. This allows a single machine to act as many separate servers. The design of our SelfNET Virtual Web Server System allows us to maximize customer's use, control, access speed and design of their own web sites. Don't let the word "virtual" fool you - it performs, looks and feels like your own to everybody on the Internet and yourself. It also costs substantially less than purchasing and maintaining your own server hardware and software.

Does SelfNET Offer Dedicated Server Hosting?

Yes. We offer PHYSICAL dedicated servers - not virtual machines (VM) - which can be custom-built to our Customers' specifications.  We also offer FREE pre-configured sets of IBM® server hardware. For details, please visit our Dedicated Server Hosting web page.

What Are The Advantages Of Using DotNetNuke Hosting?

There are many, but the main one is that DNN (DotNetNuke) platform virtually eliminates the need of hiring a Web Designer to build and maintain your web site and its content.  Your can purchase professional custom web designs for as little as $50 and use it. It also comes with built-in Content Management System (CMS) - similar to WordPress and others, so you can make changes and updates on-the-fly without using a developer/programmer.

How can I update my account/billing information?

To make changes in your SelfNET account (i.e. credit card number and expiration date, contact information, etc.) please use our secure server connection -- please click here to access the secure server page.