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SelfNET inc. is a privately owned US company established in 1997. For more than 20 years, we've been concentrating our efforts on creating a professional, "strictly business" environment for our customers rather than volume selling. The emphasis is made on creating long-term partnership with our clients by providing their businesses with secure, reliable and affordable web hosting services and superior customer support. While much of the competition is merely reselling bulk storage space on someone else's servers, we purchase, configure and house our own servers on high speed lines. When you contact SelfNET, you talk to the people that install and maintain those servers instead of a go-between. 

We value the quality of our service over its volume. Many of our competitors advertise lower prices for what appears to be the same type of service - do they really offer you a better deal? Not necessarily... Here's a simple example: to configure and (re)sell their web hosting plans in order to stay profitable, they have to consider many variables, such as cost of server ownership and operation, monthly server software license costs, hardware maintenance costs, customer support, labor, monthly Internet access and bandwidth usage costs... Therefore to cover the costs of running a single server, an ISP charging $5/month for each account must run at least 200-300(!) web sites on a single server just to 'break even'.  What does this mean for you? Chances are this many web sites will generate enough traffic and consume so much of the available CPU and memory resources, that the entire server's performance will be affected. Based on our research of server loads and traffic statistics, we GUARANTEE that the number of web sites on a single server will never affect its performance, delivering full computing power and network bandwidth to your web application.

BOTTOM LINE:  good web service isn't cheap, cheap services aren't good... Regardless of all the long feature lists advertised by web hosts, the most important factors to consider when looking for Internet presence for your business are Internet connection speeds, security and reliability of server base, and quality of customer support. While some companies may offer lower pricing, unfortunately you may not always get what you pay for.